Boonton Fire Department

Maxfield Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1



Maxfield Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1


Captain: Anthony Cosentino

Lieutenant: Bob DeStefano

Company Officers

President: Scott bednar

Vice President: John Steinhauser

Secretary: Nisur Chaudhry

Treasurer: Dan Vnencak

Chief Driver: John Steinhauser

Asst. Chief Driver: Steve Cherichella

Relief Rep: Rich Osborne

Relief Rep: John Steinhauser

LOSAP Rep: John Whritenour

Relief Visitor: Scott Bednar

BFD Rep: Mike Petonak

BFD Rep: Dan Silva


Company History


Although early records do not give an exact starting date for the Maxfield Hook and Ladder as a Company, minutes from the year 1891 show the Boonton Fire Department was originally known as the Maxfield Hook and Ladder until March of 1892. The first apparatus purchased by the town for the Fire Department was " a first class Hook and Ladder, fully equipped, weighing twelve hundred pounds, at a cost of $ 495.00. This unit was delivered to the Town in November of 1891.

In 1926 the first motorized Hook and Ladder was purchased from American LaFrance. An interesting fact about this vehicle was that the truck was to be delivered with a four cylinder engine. The truck committee felt that a six cylinder engine was needed, so the fire Company gave the Town $250.00 to acquire the six cylinder engine.

In July 1948, the Company purchased its first Aerial Ladder Truck. This vehicle was a seventy five foot Seagrave Aerial costing $30,808.00. (this truck was recently found in a Florida junk yard by Thomas Corigliano, Jr.. He has purchased it and intends to restore it.)

In January of 1965 a One Hundred Foot Seagrave Aerial Ladder was ordered to replace the 1948 truck. This vehicle was the first One Hundred foot Aerial in Morris county. The Truck had a turntable lowered eighteen inches so that the unit would fit in the old Maxfield Firehouse located on Main Street.

In 1977 after serious mechanical problems the V-12 gasoline engine was replaced with a Cummins Diesel. The following year an automatic transmission was installed. In 1987 the truck was completely refurbished by Seagrave at its' Wisconsin plant.

In the past, many of the more serious and major fires in the town occurred during a Hook & Ladder Chief's term. Chief Harold Lucus had the Giant Market (Main and Division Streets), S & D Motors, and Boyd's Store. Chief Edward Russell, Sr. (celebrating his fiftieth year in the Fire Department) saw the largest shopping center fire loss in North America at the Shop-Rite Plaza in 1965.